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Rosemary Hague’s


Tatted Lace Stationery

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The story behind these notes...


I have been making these notes for over 40 years.  My mother had been making these notes for about ten years.  She got too ill to continue and that is when I learned how to make them.

I tat the flowers in many colors using tatting shuttles like these.

Then I cut them apart and sort them by color into a divided box.

  I cut the note paper to the proper size and draw the design on.  Then I glue the individual flowers to the paper.

People that buy my notes say they have never seen anything like them.
Some of them tell me they are so pretty that they buy some just to keep.
So, to me, this makes all of the effort worthwhile.

To use one of the notes, you can put just the person’s name on the front and use the right half of the inside for your brief message. Or, if you have a longer message, you can use all four writing surfaces for your message. All of the lace and the artwork is confined to one of the upper corners of the cover, which leaves ample room for you to add your message.

If someone you send one of the notes to asks you where you got them, please share my web address with them. 
I will include it on the card that is in each package.

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